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      首頁 > 新聞資訊>>從哪方面加強效果可以吸引和保留人才?
      來源:http://www.114dianqi.cn 發布人:shunxing 日期:2023-05-29
      The current era is the era of human resource competition, where talent is the fundamental factor for the survival and development of enterprises. More and more enterprises are emphasizing "people-oriented" in human resource management work, emphasizing the construction of enterprise employer brands, and building their own employer brand while building enterprise brands, in order to better attract and retain outstanding talents. How to attract and retain outstanding talents, Shandong headhunting company believes that the following aspects can be strengthened:
      1、 Corporate culture attracts people, and each industry has its own unique industry characteristics. At the same time, each enterprise has its own corporate culture, which is a form of soft power. With the expansion of enterprise scale, enterprise managers are increasingly paying attention to the construction of corporate culture. The guiding function, cohesion function, constraint function, incentive function, debugging function and radiation function of corporate culture cannot be ignored, especially the cohesion function.
      2、 Career retention requires everyone to have their own career plan and ideal work goals. Most of the time, people are working. With the development of the current value system, while meeting basic life needs, more consideration may be given to the manifestation of personal value, including work environment, work development space, interpersonal relationships, and personal ability improvement, These are also formal issues that must be addressed in human resources work, striving to achieve 'work and be happy - career retention'.
      3、 The system keeps people, and without rules, there is no square. From a country to an organization, there are rules and regulations that are suitable for them. Without rules and regulations, society will be chaotic. The system not only regulates people's behavior, but also provides hope and motivation, and everyone is equal before the rules and regulations. The same applies to enterprises, especially large and medium-sized enterprises, which must have complete, complete, and suitable rules and regulations to regulate the behavior of their employees. Employees must strictly follow the company's rules and regulations, and have complete enterprise systems as support. Achieve the principle of 'no rules, no circles - system retention'.
      4、 Salary retention is the primary factor that employees consider in their work. Based on investigating the salary level in the same industry, companies should ensure that the basic salary is "well fed", bonuses are "well done", and benefits are "unable to leave", reflecting the competitiveness of salary. Especially for some high-end and scarce talents, companies may create an additional 100 yuan of value for the company by adding one yuan, Ensure that 'money is used on the cutting edge - salary retention'.
      In what ways can strengthening the effectiveness attract and retain talents? We can first make improvements to the enterprise from the above four aspects, hoping to provide you with good help. For more matters, please come to our website http://www.114dianqi.cn Consultation!