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      來源:http://www.114dianqi.cn 發布人:shunxing 日期:2022-12-16
      The headhunting industry is developing rapidly, and there are more and more headhunting companies. Many other industries have begun to turn to the headhunting industry. Since we don't know how to start the headhunting industry and how to grow as a novice, Shandong headhunting company will teach you how to do it.
      1. Selection of the industry in charge of headhunting consultants
      How do headhunters teach you to grow fast? At the beginning of the transition to this industry or the newly established headhunters should have strict requirements for headhunters. Each headhunter suggests focusing on only one industry. In terms of industry selection, you can choose according to your own preferences or the current mainstream trend of the industry. After selecting, you can begin to have a deep understanding of the industry, such as mid and high end positions in the industry, position information, position organizational structure, etc. Of course, there is a lot of such knowledge, which can not be achieved in a day or two. It also depends on the accumulation of knowledge and experience in the later stage.
      2. Specialized technical growth
      It also takes time for a novice headhunter to grow into a professional headhunter. Some headhunters may even give up because they can't get a single job. It is normal for a headhunter to fail to succeed in the early stage of the industry. After all, just entering the industry, all aspects of knowledge and experience need to be accumulated later.
      When facing the candidates, they are also in a novice state. They do not have enough ability and the candidates will not trust you too much. These are all factors that make the order unsuccessful. So novice headhunters should not rush to make orders. What they should do is to thoroughly understand their knowledge, such as how to analyze, screen resumes, and communicate with candidates.
      The above two points are about the answers to the question that headhunters teach you how to grow rapidly. You can use them for reference. More information can be found on our website http://www.114dianqi.cn Consult!