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      來源:http://www.114dianqi.cn 發布人:shunxing 日期:2022-10-24
      Headhunters can help talents improve their resumes, help them interview in advance, and help you win better offers. However, some people hate headhunters because they are always making random phone calls. Even some new headhunters recommend jobs without knowing the talent background, which makes people feel bad. However, not all headhunters are like this. Don't refuse headhunters' calls because of this! Jinan Headhunters think you can reply to the headhunters as follows:
      Sorry, I'm in a meeting now. You can add me WeChat, which is my mobile phone number.
      Most headhunters know that you may not be convenient to talk, so they won't bother you anymore. After adding WeChat, you can let the headhunter send you the recommended position first, and then you can decide whether to apply, so that you can firmly hold the initiative in your own hands.
      After the interview is passed, salary negotiation is required. If your salary company can meet the requirements, everyone will be happy. However, if there is a gap between your salary and the salary offered by the company, the headhunter will help you coordinate. Generally, the salary should not be delayed to a later stage. You should tell the headhunter your expectation of salary at the beginning.
      When communicating, the salary must be comprehensive: such as salary, performance salary, bonus, five insurances and one fund ratio, annuity, holiday expenses, car allowance, communication subsidy, equity, options, etc.
      The headhunters will also help you match your salary. Generally, the long-term headhunters know the company's salary system, welfare standards, and the payment ratio of five insurances and one fund.
      If you tell the headhunter your expectations at the beginning, the headhunter will try to coordinate your salary expectations with the company. If the salary gap is too large, he will also tell the applicant and the company that if the company insists on the interview, there is still room for discussion about the salary.
      Although headhunters and HR will help talents get a reasonable salary range, they don't want to talk big. For example, the original 100000 yuan is now 200000 yuan or 300000 yuan. Generally speaking, the reasonable increase is 20% - 50% of the original salary, but it is relatively small.
      Why do headhunters and hr help you get a reasonable salary? Headhunters need to get the headhunting fee from the enterprise, and the standard of the headhunting fee is determined according to your salary. The more your salary is, the higher the headhunting fee is. HR also needs to complete its own KPI.
      So next time you meet a headhunter, don't hang up at will. You may miss the opportunity! For more information on related matters, please come to our website http://www.114dianqi.cn Look!