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      首頁 > 最新公告>>獵頭該不該在候選人朋友圈互動
      來源:http://www.114dianqi.cn 發布人:shunxing 日期:2022-08-30
      Should headhunters interact with the candidate's circle of friends? In fact, there is no standard answer to this question. Different people have different opinions, as long as you think it is right. The following is the analysis of Shandong headhunting company for you.
      1. Generally speaking, it depends on the people. If they are chatting, they will click, occasionally not often. However, there is a case that there is more than one candidate in the same company, especially for senior management positions, superiors and subordinates, and there will be familiar shadows in the circle of friends. This will not leave a trace in the circle of friends.
      Wechat is an important social tool. It is impossible to keep in touch with candidates without wechat. Since it is used and the candidate has sent it, why can't you praise it and let the TA know your concerns and concerns? Of course, you need to let the candidate remember you, relying on your specialty and other channels and ways to maintain relationships. It is right for headhunters to be extra cautious in their words and deeds during their cooperative positions. But this is a special period.
      2. Either you like it all, or you don't like it all. It's OK to be candid and silent. Anyway, you can't praise only one candidate, nor can you praise only at a specific time. You can't make a big dig to show the reasons for praise that "everyone can understand". This is very ugly.
      3. In general, the candidates think that the things they send are good. They will directly send messages to interact with the TA, and will not praise their friends. In another case, this person is very close and needs to increase interaction. He will talk more about the circle of friends and will not praise them. Do you think that if you praise the candidate, he will have a good relationship with you?
      4. I also think it's better not to praise your friends casually. It's inexplicable that other candidates will meet with his life circle. It's too stupid to praise such things that affect his original work or job hopping. You should know that many people think headhunters are professional poachers.
      5. In fact, it's very normal for friends to circle praise. A person who dares not even praise shows that they are not open-minded and give the impression that they are secretly doing things. There is no need to be so sincere!
      Headhunters can't open and aboveboard poach people. They must secretly poach people. As a headhunter, he dare not even praise the candidate's friends. This shows that headhunters are glass hearted and afraid of failure. When you praise the candidate, he is afraid of being discovered by his boss or HR. It also shows that the candidate is too fragile in his heart. Such a person is not the one you want to dig. For more information, please visit our website http://www.114dianqi.cn Consult.