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      首頁 > 最新公告>>獵頭如何提高推薦候選人的精確度
      來源:http://www.114dianqi.cn 發布人:shunxing 日期:2022-08-24
      Human resources are very important for enterprises, and it also shows that it is not easy for headhunters to find suitable candidates. As a headhunter, I definitely hope that the candidates recommended by me have high accuracy and can quickly form orders. Of course, it's not enough to think about these things. The key is how to improve the accuracy of candidates. Shandong headhunting company personnel will answer for you.
      1. There are two aspects to confirm before recommending candidates:
      On the one hand, the current candidate has the idea of changing jobs; on the other hand, the candidate has the intention to apply for the position you will recommend and agrees with your recommendation.
      Some headhunters did confirm the candidate's intention to change jobs when communicating with the candidate at the initial stage. However, please don't forget that excellent candidates never lack job opportunities. It is likely that you are not the only headhunter to follow, and there is also more than one job transfer opportunity to consider. Therefore, headhunters must make sure that candidates are still considering changing jobs before you recommend them. In addition, it is also important to confirm whether other headhunters have recommended candidates for this position, so as to avoid repeated recommendation and waste time and energy.
      2. Check the matching degree of candidates and positions before recommendation
      As a headhunter, the great value is to analyze and judge the matching degree of candidates and positions. Only the right ones, not the good ones. Only the higher the matching degree and the more accurate the recommendation can the order be completed faster.
      When headhunters establish initial contact with candidates, they should conduct multi-dimensional evaluation on the candidates' abilities and values through various ways. Judge whether the candidate's matching degree to the position and the candidate's willingness to the position are large.
      Many headhunters only pay attention to speed and not results, which directly leads to the delay in the success rate of recommendation. On the contrary, it affects the evaluation of the enterprise, and even loses the trust of the enterprise in the long run. Therefore, although efficient order making is the pursuit of all headhunters, please take the above steps in a down-to-earth manner to realize truly efficient recommendation and rapid order making.
      How can headhunters improve the accuracy of recommending candidates? We hope to help you with the answers in the above two aspects. Please come to our website for more related matters http://www.114dianqi.cn Consult and understand.